Good Bye Matt Smith.

So the eleventh instalment of the time lord has been sprung to an end with his latest “fast” but well put regeneration into his new form, actor “Peter Capaldi” has now taken over the reins as the BBC’s leading role as the Doctor in the Sci-fi series “Doctor Who” during the Christmas episode “The Time of the Doctor” we see the doctor facing the siege of Trenzalore where some …of the most deadliest species gather, and the mystery of the crack in the universe (wall) has been revealed as the “Time lords” wanting to get back into our universe after the (Three) doctors placed the planet of “Galfrey” in a painting to stop the time war between the doctor’s home race the “Time lords” and the “Daleks” in the 50th anniversary special.

“Silence will fall” was the frase threw series 5 to 7 we as fan’s had the deception on what was to come for our latest doctor, but as the series has progressed and his time has drawn to an end we have learned what “Silence will fall” meant, it is meaning that the doctor will never speak his name because it would have dire consequences for everyone involved. As the episode draws to an end the Doctor has aged quite a lot and is near his final breath and the “Daleks” draw near and demand that the doctor is exterminated and killed for once and for all, but this was never going to happen to our favourite time lord, the crack appeared in the sky sending a line of regeneration through to allow the doctor to regenerate and destroy the “Daleks”.

At the ending of the last episode for “Matt Smith” we was shown the face of Amelia pond (Amy Pond) the first companion for Matt Smith as the eleventh instalment as the Doctor. Regenerating at a quite dramatic speed from Matt Smith to Peter Capaldi the latest instalment for the doctor has arrived, I know all viewers will miss Matt Smith as the doctor because he has brought a different way to look on the Sci-fi series to other doctor’s in the past regenerations like Christopher Eccleston and David Tennant in which all three have brought a different version of the doctor to the series and the Tardis. Peter Capaldi looks like a new and well timed different version of the doctor from the bouncy Matt Smith, Peter Capaldi looks like a new and adventures and “On-edge” character and i am certainly looking forward to seeing his character develop over the upcoming series eight where the Doctors adventures continue.

Good luck Matt Smith, Bow ties will always been cool now!

Regeneration scene:


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